Dialysis Unit Relocation

Location: Long Island Jewish Medical Center, New Hyde Park, NY

A new 6-bed treatment space was provided with four open cubicles and two private treatment rooms. The treatment rooms double as blood-borne isolation rooms. Satellite charting stations were provided for every two patient care stations. Support spaces, including requisite utility rooms (clean and soiled), patient toilet, an exam room, pantry and a centralized staff work station with medication distribution stations were provided in close proximity to the patient treatment cubicles. The layout of this new unit allows separate entrances for inpatients (off patient elevator lobby), outpatients (off main elevator lobby) and staff.

The unit was divided into two distinct areas: the ‘public’, for patient care and support, and the ‘staff only’ for dialysis unit support spaces, such as the RO water treatment room, biomed and disinfection rooms for equipment cleaning and repair, and a large equipment storage room for additional dialysis equipment and supplies. The two areas are directly adjacent but separated by a door with the staff support being accessed independently from a back corridor which allows delivery of goods and materials, maintenance and waste removal without traversing patient care areas; thereby minimizing cross contamination.