Pamela Smith has been in the practice of architecture for over 30 years, specializing in health care since relocating to New York City in the mid-1980s.  In the year 2000, Pamela founded P. Chow Architect, P.C. continuing her practice in health care along with an emphasis in corporate interiors. 

After 15 successful years, Pamela led the rebranding effort into what is now Twine Architectural Studio, PC.  Twine being the embodiment of what we do - taking myriad, disparate elements and combining them into a clean, concise, well-organized package.

Pamela has been a member in the Health Facilities Committee of the New York Chapter of the AIA and has been involved with the Interiors Committee, Small Project Practitioners, and Academy of Architecture for Health. These interests reflect Pamela’s professional focus over the years and serve as a means on keeping her abreast of the latest developments within her areas of expertise. 

Pamela's extensive experience through the years includes renovations and new construction projects throughout the Tristate region.  She continues to be fully involved in all aspects of project management, leading Twine’s project teams through successful completion of a variety of project types.  As principal, Pamela is fully committed to each of Twine's projects, conducting regularly schedule review sessions, with both team members and Owner representatives, throughout the duration of each project.

In her free time Pamela enjoys engaging her interest in nature through gardening, and traveling, indulging an interest in observation of regional and cultural differences, with particular focus on the built environment and how nature, and sustainability, can and is being incorporated throughout the world.