Pediatric Dental Suite

Location: Cohen Children's Medical Center, New Hyde Park, NY

Twine Architectural Studio provided a cosmetic upgrade for the existing Pediatric Dental Suite for Cohen Children’s Medical Center. The original suite, constructed over twenty years ago, has never had the benefit of an update. Problems with patient flow, staff efficiency and storage space abounded.  Minor reconfiguration alleviated these concerns.

The new layout divides the reception/waiting into two distinct areas, providing efficiency of use within the limited square footage. The reception desk, accented by a bright yellow undulating base is capped with a playful oval-shaped aqua transaction surface. Blue accent walls surrounding the desk contrast against the warm yellow wall paint used throughout the rest of the space. The new color scheme developed for the reception area continues into the treatment space. The center of the procedure room was reconfigured to maximize storage and support for nursing and charting functions.  A large colorful geometric floor pattern has provided, strengthening the spatial definition between the centralized support functions and perimeter patient bays.