Neuroscience Research Center

Location: Zucker Hillside Hospital, New Hyde Park, NY

Twine Architectural Studio recently completed the renovation of existing shell space within two adjacent facilities at the Zucker Hillside Hospital – on the first floor of the Ambulatory Care Pavilion (ACP) and on the Cellar Level of the newly completed Behavioral Health Pavilion (BHP).  

The new space in the ACP functions as the Administrative offices for the Neuroscience Research Program, incorporating a Conference Center for use by the Department.  

The area housed on the Cellar Level of the BHP consists of a series of Research ‘Pods’: a collection of private offices and semi-private cubicles housing individual research teams, the arrangement of which allows the teams to contract or expand and interact collectively or as independently as desired.  This area also includes a patient assessment facility, interview rooms with a medical laboratory and exam, in which basic medical assessments of outpatients are performed.